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Thursday, February 9, 2012

What happened with Your deleted Photos from Facebook?

If you are thinking about to delete your private or non-for-public photos from facebook then you will be amazed after reading this post.

If you delete any photo from your uploaded ones, it will be deleted only from your list or thumbnails of photos but it will be there forever on facebook server.

To confirm this…

(1) Make copy of url of your uploaded image by right clicking of your mouse on any photos of you on facebook.

(2) Paste that url link in any text editor like notepad or wordpad.

(3) Now go to that image which you want to delete from your facebook profile.

(4) Click on small gear icon (of setting) at top right corner near close (x) and click on “delete photo”.

(5) It will be deleted from all your uploaded thumbnails.

(6) Now go to the text editor on which you have pasted url of your uploaded photo before deleting it.

(7) Copy that link (if not already copied) and paste into new tab of your web browser.

(8) Fish…….You will find your deleted image still on facebook server though it was deleted from your facebook profile.

(9) It will be also viewable without logged in on facebook too.

(10) Are you follow this as one of the features or Disadvantage of using facebook?

Facebook needs to change their policy regarding this system as public never like this concept of putting images on their server even after deleting it.


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